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Unique Ladies Boots by Liberty Black Boot Company. This brand of women's cowboy boots are a must have for your wardrobe.

Liberty Black boots are proudly designed and handmade in Mexico. Each pair of shoes is carefully manufactured with the highest quality standards and the best quality materials.

Liberty Black is brand of Botas Caborca company, which has 25 years of experience in the international footwear market and 33 years of experience in the Mexican market, specializing in leather boots. Liberty Black is the expression of legacy, that also embraced the individuality, fast living and rock and roll.

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Leather Boot Care

To keep leather boots in good shape and to help them last longer, they should be cleaned, conditioned, and protected. 

Regularly brush off any loose dirt and dust with a dry rag or soft brush. Certain leather finishes allow for one to wipe down with a damp cloth but first conduct a test on a small area to ensure there will be no damage. 

If boots get wet they should be allowed to dry naturally. Avoid drying them near heat or direct sunlight which will cause them to fade and the leather could over-dry and become cracked.

Conditioning of the leather should happen after the boot is clean and dry. Too much oil or wax can attract dust and clog the pores causing dryness. *Ask a local leather/shoe repair person for recommendations on the best products to clean your boots. Always test on a small spot on the instep of the boot and wait 24 hours before using on the entire boot. * 

Liberty Black Boots

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Liberty Black Boots
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